Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Rewrite Nursery Rhymes

Baa, baa, dark sheep,
   Have you any
pal, yes pal,
sacks full;

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Dally Bloger

The bell rang that meant time for English class, everyone went in. Then saw the smart board that meant new seating order then everyone sat down on their new seats. Then class has started we stated with the writer’s notebook. We had to describe a color like is you were to tell a blind person. Next Mrs.Morrow was pulling sticks to see how was going to read. When they where done we started to do DGP for the two day that we didn’t come. It wasn’t that hard when we finish we saw a short video about prep.phrases that some kids made.Then we did NoRedink.com it red that meant its home work we had time to do it but then the bell rang that meant time to go to the next class

Monday, September 29, 2014


There thing that I learned from doing this project are:

1. how to use iMovie

2.how to tranfer the the video

3.and how to make a movie

Monday, September 15, 2014

Dot Day

Dot day is when I learn that you don't have to be good at art but to be creative. Like the  story she didn't believe she can draw but at the end she stared to believe. 

Friday, September 12, 2014

The Lockdown

First of all have you ever known how a 1st grader felt when a bad lockdown. I haven't until it did happen: the scariest day that ever happened to me. Well let me tell you what occurred that day. 
A warm school day at Leo J. Leo Mission, Texas happened to be the worst day that ever happen. The intercom started to yell lockdown, kids started to hide so the teacher locked the door and moved some tables to the door. 
So we all went to a corner. I followed them but didn’t know what was happening, because they practiced before but I hadn’t. I “asked’’ a kid what is going on. He told me that a lockdown is just a fake one. but I looked at the other kids and that’s when it began to occur.
They were crying. I wanted to cry but I was so scared to. The police were running, yelling at the bad guys to stop and to come out safely and not to hurt any of the kids. Then there were gun shots all the kids were crying more and put their heads in their shirts, and it took hours from 11:30 to 1or 2pm but the cops got them.

So what I learned is that is in practice your drills and take them like the real thing, and that the teachers should get on the out doors locks. And ask for parent ID. Im glad that the schools are safe now.

Friday, August 29, 2014


       Here is my room. I will start with my comfy bed.  Once I’m asleep I don’t want to get up.  Then theres my guitar thats hangs on my wall and it has a really good tune. I use to to play it all day, but now i don't play it as often as I use to. My parent say to give it to them so they could sell it, but I don’t want to because my grandma got it for me when i was five year old.  My guitar is special to me since it’s from her.  I got a trumpet  at the end of 4th grade and it was fun at first, but I didn’t like it anymore.  I stopped playing the trumpet, and now its under my bed and never gets played. 
On the top of my desk are my iPhone and the rest of my devices that I spend the most time on like Facebook and Instagram. I also have an  x box 360 that i play mine craft on every day. I can hear music that my neighbors play and sing every day like Ariana grande and Becky g. There is a lot of stuff all over my room like papers, shoes, clothes, and my little sister’s toys.  I don’t like to clean so my room is messy. My walls are blue and one wall has a hole in it from my sister kicking it.  Posters of my favorite Mexican stars and a school calendar can also be found on my walls. I am rich beyond measure.