Friday, August 29, 2014


       Here is my room. I will start with my comfy bed.  Once I’m asleep I don’t want to get up.  Then theres my guitar thats hangs on my wall and it has a really good tune. I use to to play it all day, but now i don't play it as often as I use to. My parent say to give it to them so they could sell it, but I don’t want to because my grandma got it for me when i was five year old.  My guitar is special to me since it’s from her.  I got a trumpet  at the end of 4th grade and it was fun at first, but I didn’t like it anymore.  I stopped playing the trumpet, and now its under my bed and never gets played. 
On the top of my desk are my iPhone and the rest of my devices that I spend the most time on like Facebook and Instagram. I also have an  x box 360 that i play mine craft on every day. I can hear music that my neighbors play and sing every day like Ariana grande and Becky g. There is a lot of stuff all over my room like papers, shoes, clothes, and my little sister’s toys.  I don’t like to clean so my room is messy. My walls are blue and one wall has a hole in it from my sister kicking it.  Posters of my favorite Mexican stars and a school calendar can also be found on my walls. I am rich beyond measure.