Friday, April 17, 2015

My Inspiration

My inspiration

Do you want to work in the cold or hot weather? Not my cousin. She chose the path to go to college instead of working in the potato farm. Her name is Deyanira Garza. She was born in August 28 1993. In this essay I’m going to write about her family, she studies and she is a hard worker and how she never gives up.
If she ever has problems, she knows her family is always there for her. They love and inspire her to be a hard worker. Not only they inspire her, she also inspires them too. They don’t want her to work in the potato field or in the cold and hot weather.
She studies at UTPA (University of Texas-Pan American).  She studies Criminal Justice and for that you have to learn law enforment. Also she stays in Texas while her parents go to work in the potato farm here in O’Neill.
       She always tells her brother Elvis and I to stay in school. We should never give up so we can go to college and get a good job like her. She never gives up and she will succeed at anything no matter how big or small.

I wish to someday be like her and succeed at every thing I do no matter how big or small and I want go to college, and go to a university and to get a go job and to be successful. Those are some of the reasons why Deyanira inspires me and some of her cousins.

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